Orchard Corset Comparison: (for snarkopticon)
411 (White Pinstripe, 20 in, 2011) vs 411 (Gunmetal Satin, 18 in, 2013)

Here are my two Orchard Corset Underbusts. They are the same serial number, and the gray one was bought to replace the white one. 

Please note that the white corset was well broken in when those pictures were taken. The gray one is still quite new.

I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and I am now 99% sure that at some point in the last year OC have tweaked the 411’s pattern.

Differences I see between the two:

  • If you look at the shape in the bottom photos, the new corsetis much more curvy. It’s not just because it’s a smaller size, there is genuinely more hip and underbust space in proportion to the waist than in the old 411. 
  • Also, the old 411 pinched my hipbones. The new 411 has ample space on the hips and doesn’t pinch.
  • The older 411 broke in much faster. I’m not sure why, maybe the older design matched the contours of my body better? However, it was quite squishy, as you can see from the first photo where I’m actually pushing it in to make it look curvier. I can’t do that with the new one.  Note: this could also be due to the different fabrics used rather than construction.
  • The two halves of the busk meet much more evenly on the new 411. One half kinda stuck up on the old model.
  • The old 411 did not press inwards at the front. It did not have as much impact on my floating ribs. On the other hand, the bones on the front of the new one, as you can see, do curve in. They are very solid, and do not move when I breathe.
  • This may be the biggest marker of change: The new 411 has a modesty placket under the busk. The old 411 definitely did not. You can check Lucy’s review, she would have mentioned if it had one.

If the pattern has indeed been tweaked, I think they’ve done a great job with it. Though the old 411 was nice and a cut above other cheap OTRs, the new 411 definitely feels more sturdy and looks more dramatic.

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